Uniwill Technology Inc believes that corporate operation and the environment are interdependent. It is our responsibility to cooperate with energy conservation policy and respond to the environmental maintenance issue, fulfilling environmental sustainability against the impact of climate change.

We understand that all of our products, services, and activities will potentially impact the environment and community. By setting up a phased target of reducing carbon emissions, water consumption, and waste by 1% each year, we continuously track and manage our function to achieve our commitment.

Carbon emissions – improve the efficiency of using resources and implement an effective system for energy-saving and carbon emission reduction.

Source control –  make all efforts to build a green supply chain and ensure that practices for protecting the environment are effectively implemented.

Environmental promotion – Business activities will be conducted with priorities to meet full compliance with environmental protection and other relevant laws and regulations.

Our Goal

Usage of electricity, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption & waste

Electricity Usage

Water Usage

Business Waste

Greenhouse Gas Emissions