About Uniwill

Established in 2014, Uniwill Technology was founded by creative and innovative research and development professionals with over 20 years of experience designing various mobile products, including notebook computers, tablets, smartphones, and the Internet of Things.

The sales and marketing aspects of the business are developed by building complete global access, effective control of the market demand, and rapid development of new technologies that offer a competitive advantage through vertical integration, strategic alliances and master key components supply chain. 

We continually expand the market share, providing customers with a more comprehensive and complete product line to ensure a stable and steady revenue stream for our employees and shareholders.

“Uniwill” is two words conjoined together. “United” and “Will”. In Chinese, we called “Zhì hé,” which comes from an old Chinese slang, “Have a Common Goal”. It means a group of individuals with a common goal will join together for the sake of creating a fantastic future. We have already implemented an electronic approval system and phased it into the SAP enterprise management system to build a strong foundation for continuous growth.


To become the pioneer in the industry for mobile devices and high-end information system technology.

Providing customer with the most innovative and technologically advanced products that offers excellent value in a competitive market. Offering the most efficient and satisfactory service to meet customer demands. Constant pursuit of excellence and continuous enhancement of the technical capabilities of R&D team in order to meet the ever changing requirements from customer. Promoting a friendly and healthy working environment to ensure employee comfort and success.


Innovation, Excellence, Quality, Service
We strongly believe through constant innovation and the continuous pursuit of excellence in creating high-quality products with the latest technology while providing top notch services will take us to the pinnacle of the market leader.